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You are a contrarian

But you don't really think of yourself that way.

It's just that after putting in years of effort and work, you've developed a unique perspective on a particular topic or field.

You know the conventional wisdom or way of doing things is not always correct. Unfortunately, you learned this the hard way.

You feel strongly about your area of expertise.

So strongly that when your "thing" comes up in casual conversation, you have a choice:

1. Either you slowly back away because it's not the right moment for a passionate speech.

2. Or, you give in to the nearly irresistible urge to share what you've learned so others can understand the world a little better and avoid some of the suffering you've seen.

If you've chosen path number one, it can be frustrating...this feeling of pent-up knowledge and insight.

As a ghostwriter who helps people like you quickly create books and ebooks, I see this problem a lot.

It's a problem I deeply enjoy solving.

In my empathetic way, I help you communicate your unique perspective -- your way of seeing something no one else seems to be seeing or fixing. Or even speaking to right now.

I work with people who have something big to say, but want to say it in a deliberate, well-thought-out manner. I work with people who want to get it right.

You are a contrarian, and you want to help other people.

I already like you, just for that.

Tell me how you see things.

I am the one who can spark this project of yours. The one who can help you unleash some truth.

Let's chat and see what we can create. Drop me an email at

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