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I specialize in writing full-length Life Lessons books and short process-focused ebooks for the following individuals:

  • impact investors

  • sustainability visionaries

  • artists and musicians

  • family offices

  • inventors

  • c-suite leaders

“Don't try to do it yourself, you'll just get frustrated and wind up writing something you’ll never use, or worse, publish something you shouldn’t have.”

                    —Ken Moskowitz, author of Jab Till It Hurts


Choose me as your ghostwriter and the fun starts now.


Why? Because I’ve got your back. With a professional ghostwriter in your corner, quietly prodding you to dig deeper, we will produce a work you'll be proud of.


I have a passion for taking individual stories of triumph and struggle and turning them into practical lessons with warmth and humor that readers remember for years.

This isn’t just me talking. Readers agree. 

“This book is a concise and practical guide to improving your soft skills and work-life balance by awakening to what’s within! A must-read for anyone seeking the right path for self-transformation.”

—Mary G., Los Angeles, California


“I was ‘shook’ as the kids say. I felt like the author was speaking directly to me about my situation. Somehow, reading about someone else who has accomplished what he has under circumstances worse than mine makes success seem WAY more attainable, you know?”

—Robert H., Pensacola, Florida

I get it. A book is a big deal. Why start if the outcome isn’t a lock? Why type the first letter of the first word of the first paragraph if there’s a chance the whole endeavor will be anything less than exceptional? 


I’ll tell you why.

Because this is a risk worth taking.

Because writing a book, your book of hard-won lessons, will be one of the most gratifying experiences of your life. Because sharing your thoughts with generations to come is a venture worth pursuing. 

If you are a person who cares about leading the next generation, who wants to pay it forward with wisdom and guidance, you are my ideal client. I excel at helping my clients plan out their books from scratch, using my intuition and expertise. You'll find our time together enjoyable and experience you'll look back on fondly for many years to come. Email me today to learn more about availability and options for getting started.


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