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The "It's Just Me" Approach: On Building Trust and Belief While Refusing to Scale

Them: "Scale! Scale! Scale!"

Me: "Um, no."

As I've mentioned here previously, I love listening to personal and business development podcasts during my morning walk-jogs (wogs).

A lot of the gurus talk about growing your business year over year.

As it happens, I'm doing the exact opposite.


While it's awesome to have a huge vision for the future, for me that will never involve "scaling Laura Schaefer LLC."


Because I choose not to package my writing process or manage a team.

Part of growing as a human and as a business owner is deeply knowing yourself and what you like...where your Zone of Genius lies.

I've taken the time to do that, and I learned over time that I am the Unscalable Ghostwriter.

The Premium-Grade Ghost.

The "It's Just Me" Book Partner.

In other words, I want to write one or two great books per year with one or two amazing people. People who've been thinking about writing a book for YEARS and aren't interested in buying a package or a process.

My people want a true collaborator who can show up fully each week and go where the journey takes us.


I can't scale myself.


Now that we've met, let's talk about what happens next.

Two things need to occur when a client and ghostwriter begin working together:

1. They must believe in each other and in the value of the book they'll be co-creating.

2. They must trust each other.

Best case scenario, these happen almost immediately.

This is generally the situation when a ghostwriter is referred to the client by a person they already trust and believe in...AND when the concept/outline for the book in question is so strong that both the client and the ghostwriter are thinking, "This is going to be AWESOME."

But...what happens when belief and trust are missing or weak?

Stalled progress.



No one wants those things, least of all your ghostwriter. So, how do you build belief and trust in your book and in the writer you've chosen?

Two ways:

1. Intentional planning: take the time to refine your book concept and get feedback ahead of time on what you'll cover with your target audience. Talk through the overall book concept, themes, and lessons with people you trust. Jot down a rough outline and let it marinate for a few weeks or months. What's missing? What's too much? What's unique? What's been done before?

2. If you don't already have an enthusiastic referral for a ghostwriter, do a test assignment with a writer you've found on LinkedIn or over at the Association of Ghostwriters. If you'd like to do a test with me, for example, this looks like collaborating on one story from your life or one chapter from your book to see how well I'm able to capture your voice. There is a fee for this collab, of course, ($1/word) but it's a great way to test the waters without committing to a five-figure book contract. Make sense?

I want you to win with your book and have a great time writing it with me.

I've thought *a lot* about how top-tier client/ghostwriting relationships work.

Reach out today with your unique idea/concerns/needs and we'll have a useful conversation!

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