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"How does this work, exactly?"

Since every ghostwriter, co-writer, and book collaboration professional is a little bit different, I'd like to share some Laura Schaefer LLC process information with you today. 

Generally, I meet with clients from anywhere on the globe at the same time each week via Zoom. 

1. First, we work on determining the audience for your book and how publishing it will help you meet your goals. Some people want to leave a legacy for their families or for their industry. Others are looking to grow a business and plan to use the book as a calling card. 

2. Next, we plot out a roadmap for the project...figuring out the main idea of the book and how each chapter will intentionally support it. I like to create a loose outline that may change over time but will give us some idea where we are going. This also helps me set agendas for our meetings and provide sets of questions if that's helpful. 

3. Some of my clients do a chunk of the writing themselves; others are completely hands off the manuscript and I write it based on the transcripts of our meetings. In either case, I build out the manuscript in a shared Google document and use ongoing client feedback to iteratively improve it.

Some of my client engagements are as short as six months; others stretch to ten or 12. It's based on the book length and complexity, and how much of it is already done. My retainer fee is the same regardless and invoiced on the first of the month. When the manuscript is complete, I will refer you to a fee-for-service hybrid publisher or write a query letter for you so you can try to get a literary agent and a traditional book deal.

Most of my clients are U.S.-based. I split my time between my adopted state of Florida and my home state, Wisconsin.

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