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The Magic of Thinking Big

There's a big difference (huge!) between an author who takes on an occasional ghostwriting gig to pay the bills and a full-time all-in book ghostwriter.

It has to do with what inspires and energizes.

When I worked with my most recent ghostwriting coach last year, we hit upon a powerful idea in our frequent talks: 

Though I am deeply proud of the books I've written and published alone, these days I am truly inspired and energized by the stories and unique perspectives of my clients. 

In other words, I would much rather write a book with another human being than write one alone. For me, understanding this key point about how I can best fulfill my highest professional calling is a good example of thinking big. (The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz is one of my favorite non-fiction titles. Have you read it?) 

I find the back-and-forth nature of collaborative work soul-filling and life giving. 

With all three of my most recent ghostwriting clients, I left every single one of our weekly Zoom sessions feeling optimistic, lighter, and just...good. 

(I work with remarkably awesome people. It's the coolest.)

For me, then, ghostwriting isn't a "gig."

It's a calling.

I want to help you shape your story and serve as a path forward. 

Your story, wisdom, or process needs to reach more people. 

You know this. You've known it for years. 

But you don't want the work of actually writing it to slow down all of the other amazing things you are currently doing in the world. 

So, you are open to a collaborative engagement with a professional to make it happen. 

To that I say, "Of course. I am here. LET'S GO."

(Full disclosure: I had a completely different topic planned for today's post, but an ideas-rich call with my cousin John Hintze this morning led me to write this one instead. Thanks for inspiring me today, John! You're a conduit, haha.)

And thank you, future clients, for inspiring me tomorrow. 

I can't wait to work together to pour something new and great into the world.

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