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Have you stepped into the fullness of your authority?

It's a tricky word, "authority."

One that sometimes has negative connotations, depending on how it's wielded.

As I've met and worked with dozens of leaders, founders, and business owners as a ghostwriter over many years, I've gained a unique perspective on this concept.

True authority has nothing to do with one's power over others.

Rather, it is a calm quality born of experience -- trial and error, wins and losses -- in one particular endeavor or realm.

For example, a young woman who has practiced her craft ever since high school and spent ten plus years trying, failing, honing, learning, trying again, failing again, and getting better...has earned authority regarding that craft. It doesn't matter that she's only 26 years old. That's irrelevant.

She can speak about what she's learned and created with full and easy confidence, simply because she has earned her authority in this realm.

It has nothing to do with what others say or think about her. It has nothing to do with how old she is or whether she's in charge of other people.

Her authority is something she deliberately created through focus and repeated action.

Authority is generous.

Authority is kind.

Authority is relaxed.

Authority is gained slowly. True authority cannot be bought or sold.

It is rich, but not necessarily in a monetary sense.

(That said, our authority is the foundation of our businesses.)

I've come to learn that I *deeply* enjoy writing with and for individuals who humbly own and embody their authentic authority. They are the most giving, funny, wonderful people to talk to.

Their work is joyful (though certainly not without setbacks and challenges).

They speak about their process and their knowledge from a place of real wisdom and humor, because they've tried *everything* and they know what works and what does not work.

Authority is, then, a relief to be around.

We crave it.

We seek it out.

We exhale when we find it.

But only if it is real.

False authority, feigned authority, unearned authority?

Our souls immediately reject these. That's why we must listen to our intuition when it comes to this tricky concept.

So, with love, I ask again:

Have you stepped into the fullness of your authority?

If so, I'd be honored if you reached out to me to help communicate your wisdom and insights to a wider audience in 2023.

My authority supports your authority.

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