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Stories are my life.


Books are my true love.


I've very much enjoyed telling stories -- true ones! -- for,,, Pipedrive, SkilledUp and MarketScale, as well as countless businesses, tech firms, events and individuals. I've even told some stories about people who don't exist, yet make us smile anyway. (book nerd here...SHHH, I'm reading.)

It's all about spinning together the right words into stories that inspire, educate, entertain, reveal, clarify. I write B2B. B2C. But mainly, I write H2H. Human to human. (If you're groaning, let's be friends.)


I believe in stories. I believe in the power of a book to change minds and societies. I believe in ideas. Tell me yours.




Laura is really versatile, and I wouldn't hesitate to approach her for writing or editing duties over several discipline areas. Laura can quickly get to the heart of the matter in terms of her questions, and once she's comfortable she moves fast. She's a fast [but accurate] writer and editor. Laura's great to work with because she's very direct and, overall, a rather cool and interesting person! Thoughtful, concise, and helpful, I recommend Laura unconditionally.


~Stephen Fenton, Senior Project Manager



EXECUTIVE GHOSTWRITING: They say everyone has a book in them, so odds are pretty good you do, too. You've always pictured yourself as a published author, a thought leader. Let's get busy making this a reality. It's not rocket science. Nope: it's actually a pretty straightforward process. If you have no idea where to begin, I am at your service. Together, we will design an excellent table of contents. You'll schedule five to seven sixty-minute meetings with me, conducted either in person in Central Florida or via Skype. All you need to begin is a lot of enthusiasm for sharing your ideas. In the end, your book will snap, it will get the idea. Let's talk! It's time to bring in an expert and have some fun. (That would be me).



I wanted to write my book for over 20 years. I worked with other ghostwriters over the years, but none of them captured my vision for the book, until Laura. From the start, she heard me. I wanted the book written in my voice and she captured it perfectly! She is hardworking, precise, and her commitment to the project was almost as great as mine. To top it off, we finished the book in about two months! I can not recommend her highly enough. On a 5-star scale, I would give her 6.


~Randy Haveson, M.A., President at the RISE Organization



WRITING COACH: Picture this: you've finally started your memoir, novel, or how-to guide. You're gung ho, you've carved out the hours to write (for real, this time!), and you're even enjoying the process. But sometimes, you just feel a little stuck. You could use some insights or advice from an author with several books under her belt. Someone who has been there and can offer real, usable tips, humor, and just the right kind of encouragement. I am here for you!





I hired Laura to edit my manuscript. She helped me with the flow, development and layout of the book.

It is obvious she is very knowledgeable of her craft. She provided me lots of great suggestions and advice throughout the process. She has excellent communication skills and has a rapid response rate. From day one, I felt like she understood me and my vision. She kept me accountable and ahead of schedule. She believed in me and my book, which ignited my passion to complete it. I felt extremely comfortable working with her. I even had the pleasure of meeting her in person, which only confirmed her professional and caring persona. I will definitely be using her services again for my next book and have already recommended her to future authors. She exceeded my Type A requirements. She made my dream of becoming a published author come true.


~Andrea M. Pearson, founder of Sisterhood Evolution and author of Single Mom...Slaying It!




If I were only allowed to work with one writer for the rest of my life, it would be Laura. She is incredibly fast, responds positively to suggested edits and feedback, and can cover every topic or subject I've thrown her way since 2003 intelligently and with aplomb. She works efficiently and requires very little to no editing, which is a joy! Together, Laura and I broke several readership and traffic records producing online dating content for and Yahoo's home page editorial carousel. She is equally happy working as a ghostwriter for celebrities and CEOs or helping out writing workshops and legal bloggers who occasionally need an extra hand. 


~Lori Polemenakos, Content Strategist