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Laura Schaefer is a ghostwriter in Orlando, Florida who works with life coaches, keynote speakers, and leadership consultants.

Stories are my life.
Books are my true love.

Work with me to tell your tale.

You've wanted to write your book for YEARS...but you are feeling stuck.


There aren't enough hours in the day to get it done. Worse yet, the whole project is just plain overwhelming.

"I don't know where to start," you're thinking. "And I don't know how to structure this thing. Or what all I should include. I've never done this before and don't even know what questions to ask. Maybe I'll wait another year."



You know you have a great book in you. You've suspected this for a long time.

The words and the stories and the expertise are in your brain. Now it's time to get them out...onto the page. In a way that's not so painful or frustrating. 


This is where I come in. I am easy to talk to. I am organized. I have one goal: to make your book a reality. I am the valedictorian of your class who did all the group project work. Remember her? She was intense. But she got things done. Hi. That's me.

Let's partner up and get that amazing book of yours on the page. 

First, there is something you should know. This process WILL require a lot of you: time, intentional forethought, and dedicated effort for the duration of our work together. As much as I'd love to mind meld and take care of business 100% (to deliver results as if by magic), the truth is writing a book is a major undertaking, even with a ghostwriter. Read that again.

It is a collaboration. It is a partnership. A dialogue.


Yes, I will write your book and do so in your own unique voice. (The whole point of me knowing all the grammar rules is so we can break 'em!)


That said, we both need eyeballs on the manuscript to make changes, add detail, and ensure it is the best possible book it can be. In other words, writing a book is a commitment. My pledge to you is that working with me will be more fun than trying to write your book alone. 


My process for ghostwriting full-length manuscripts with business founders, artists, coaches, entrepreneurs, lawyers, creators, innovators and thought leaders is straightforward.


It all begins with trust.


My clients have to trust me to open up and share their inner truths, unique process, and hard-earned wisdom. They have to feel safe with me, knowing that no matter how much we joke around during our meetings (and we definitely will joke around), deep down I have one goal: to see the world through your eyes and communicate your message with warmth, integrity, and clarity. My mission is to serve you, my author.

Your story is a very big deal to me.


I am flexible about our meeting times and available when you need me. 


This process is all about you.


It's about building out your story with intention.

It's about helping you feel comfortable opening up.

It's working together collaboratively in a way that helps you soar.

After we've talked at length and I've come to understand what your book requires, there are hours and days where it's just me in front of my screen. I am going to use every tool at my disposal, all my research skills, my empathy, my humor, my love of a well-chosen quote, my experience with chapter organization and rhythm, and my intellect to convey your ideas.


Your book should serve up a BIG idea.


Who are you writing for?


What must they learn?


Your book must be elegantly written, meaning the chapters flow in a pleasing way, with a clean structure and a conversational tone. Your book, ideally, offers the reader total clarity. What does that mean? It means there are no extra words or unnecessary jargon. Finally, your book should be stimulating. It evokes emotion and curiosity. It guides readers right to the heart of key moments of transformation, both in your own life and in the lives and careers of your clients. More than anything else, your book exists to serve and uplift others.

It is time to tell your story.


Leave a narrative for others; teach us what you've learned, grow your businesses. If you have no idea where to begin, I am at your service with talent, empathy, and discretion. Together, we will design an intentional table of contents. You'll schedule six to 12 sixty-minute meetings with me, conducted via Zoom or phone. To begin, you need a vision. Commit to telling your story and do it the right way first, with expert help.


My fee for this service is quoted on a per-book basis starting at $36,000 for shorter 120-page books up to $150,000 for 250-page books, depending on length and project complexity. Before we begin writing, we will spend a full month planning the book's content. 


Ready to get started? 




I believe in stories. I believe in the power of a book to change minds and societies. I believe in ideas.

Tell me yours.

Parallel Lines


Stephen Fenton
Senior Project Manager

Laura is really versatile, and I wouldn't hesitate to approach her for writing or editing duties over several discipline areas. Laura can quickly get to the heart of the matter in terms of her questions, and once she's comfortable she moves fast. She's a fast [but accurate] writer and editor. Laura's great to work with because she's very direct and, overall, a rather cool and interesting person!


Thoughtful, concise, and helpful, I recommend Laura unconditionally.

Randy Haveson, M.A.
President of the RISE Organization

I wanted to write my book for over 20 years. I worked with other ghostwriters over the years, but none of them captured my vision for the book, until Laura. From the start, she heard me. I wanted the book written in my voice and she captured it perfectly! She is hardworking, precise, and her commitment to the project was almost as great as mine. To top it off, we finished the book in about two months!

I cannot recommend her highly enough.


On a 5-star scale, I would give her 6.

Andrea M. Pearson
omen's health and life coach 

It is obvious she is very knowledgeable of her craft. She provided me lots of great suggestions and advice throughout the process.

She has excellent communication skills and has a rapid response rate. From day one, I felt like she understood me and my vision. She kept me accountable and ahead of schedule. She believed in me and my book, which ignited my passion to complete it.

I felt extremely comfortable working with her.


She exceeded my Type A requirements. She made my dream of becoming a published author come true.

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