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Lately, you've been repeating yourself a lot.


There is this thing you are an absolute expert on, yet you're turning blue in the face trying to move the needle. Sharing your knowledge via conversations isn't getting the job done.

All you want to do is help people, but it's difficult one-on-one.


You'd like to communicate your knowledge in a bigger yet intimate a package that easily and clearly connects the dots for your audience.

You'd like to convey what you know in one beautiful place.

You're ready to prime your ideal customers with value ahead of working with you, so when it's time to engage...they are READY.

It's time to put your special sauce on the page.

        Meet the Story Packet

A Story Packet is a free ebook download offered on your website or social media platform. These 12- to 18-page ebooks deliver huge value to your audience in small, charming packages. They offer a chance to build a stronger relationship to your clients.

Here is what your Story Packet will include:

  • Your unique story: why you do what you do & what sets your business apart

  • Your special sauce: how your process makes your service so unique

  • Your expectations: what clients need to know and do before working with you

  • Your pledge: what clients can expect from you during an engagement

Colorful Books

What to Expect When You Order a Story Packet

If you offer your clients a specialized creative service, chances are very good they require some gentle education before you begin your work together. There may be preparation they need to do themselves, as in the case of selling a home, planning their retirement, or understanding your unique process.


For this reason, offering your valued customers an ebook as a free download when they visit your website is a good move on your part. Not only does a free ebook establish your expertise and clearly communicate your niche, it provides value ahead of time to the people you most want to serve in your community and beyond. 


Creating such a package can be nearly painless if you choose to hire an experienced business and creative ghostwriter like myself to bring the project to fruition. If you've recently been thinking about hiring a general freelance business writer to help you create new content for your website, I encourage you to think about the possibilities of a Story Packet.


When you order this product from me, you'll receive a fully edited and designed ebook ready for upload and immediate distribution on your website in just one month.


Here's how it works:


1. We'll have a quick call to establish your goals and discuss the key topics you want to cover.

2. I'll send an agreement for you to sign (and my invoice). Once you've e-signed and remitted payment, we'll get our first meeting scheduled. This can happen over Zoom or phone. 

3. I'll email you a question set based on our initial consultation so you can prepare for our first meeting. You can send back written answers ahead of time, or simply think through what you want to be sure to tell me when we talk.


4. During our meeting, we'll talk about how you do what you do...and what you need clients to understand or take care of ahead of time in order to achieve the result they seek. For example, perhaps you are a mural artist and you need the property owner to power wash the wall where you'll be working. Or, you are a financial planner and you need prospective clients to gather tax returns and bank statements ahead of meeting with you.

5. I'll record this call, create a transcript, and write your ebook content using this material. If necessary, we will plan a second call to finish up any loose ends or add detail.

6. I'll post your manuscript draft to Google Docs so we can both review and revise together. Based on your feedback, I'll make final edits and submit your ebook to you as a PDF.


7. Voila! This whole process takes under a month. My fee is $8,500.00.


If you are an artist, lawyer, architect, tradesperson, therapist, designer, financial advisor, real estate agent or coach, I encourage you to reach out.


I'd love to help you grow your business!​​

What Can a Story Packet Do for You?

A Story Packet ebook can help you tell your story in a succinct yet meaningful way. In a few pages, you have the chance to help your audience know you better--with a level of detail that isn't easy to achieve with just a blog, a video, or a social media post. An ebook is evergreen, meaning it can provide value for your business for months or even years to come.


A high-quality Story Packet offering can help you grow your email list and connect with new customers. If your ebook content can solve a problem for your audience, they will give you their contact information in order to download it. You'll then have the chance to build a lasting relationship because you've provided significant value ahead of time.


A Story Packet can help you define your business and processes. The month-long process of collaborating on an ebook with a professional interviewer and writer like myself will provide you with a new perspective on where you've been and where you are going with your business. By taking the time to define exactly who you are and what you do, it will be easier to market your services to new clients in the future. You will have a guidebook to prime them for working with you and it will make your working life easier.


A Story Packet can change the conversation about an issue that matters to you. I was just listening to an interesting podcast about web 3.0 and how the metaverse is going to change how we interact with other people around the globe. An interesting thought struck me as I listened: "The metaverse isn't yet defined. It will be what we want it to be." Today's creators set tomorrow's reality. What do you want to create? How will you use your voice to do so?

"I'm kind of speechless, you are so incredible! I am just so filled with joy about how much this ebook is going to improve my life and shape my future!

"I’m just so happy I found you, 
you really have impacted my life with this. I know it’s just an ebook but it is going to help me better my skill and attract optimal clients for the future. I am so, so happy!" 
~A recent client upon completion of her Story Packet 

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