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Books that succeed have one major difference from books that fail


That's it. Books that fail try to do too much.

They don't have one central, clarifying argument. They try to serve too many masters. Their authors are worried they aren't offering enough value, so they throw too many things, processes, or ideas at the wall.

Er, at their manuscript.

Let's solve this problem right here and right now: Offer one main argument. To one highly focused demographic. Better yet, to one person you think of the whole time you write.




It is *much easier* to fail in 200 pages than it is to fail in 20. That's why I am so hot on my Story Packet offering right now. These highly focused ebooks get the job done. Their short length forces my clients to pick one thing.

Say it with me, everyone: F-O-C-U-S.

Specialized problem solving is one reason I've worked with a lot of professionals in the legal field lately.

Question: Why do I like writing books and ebooks with lawyers?

Answer: Attorneys solve real problems every day and I enjoy working on content that solves clear and present problems.

Also, I find that legal pros are verbal, smart, and enjoy communicating helpful ideas. They're just too busy to write their books and ebooks themselves.

And frankly, their time is too valuable.

I never have to pry ideas or stories out of a lawyer. If you have an idea for a book, get in touch today (email and let's get rolling. I am a fast and effective collaborator.

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