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At Our Best, We Are All Creators

You are so ridiculously special.

It honestly blows my mind.

You've been through a lot and instead of retreating and withdrawing, you've created beauty out of it.

That beauty could be in the form of a thriving family, a growing business, a problem-solving program, a profession you actually enjoy pursuing, or even an ongoing quest for greater justice or service in the world.

You've parlayed your unique perspective and experience into a way to help others.

See what I mean?


You know deep within that you're different than others...that the things you've grappled with or the strides you've made under extreme duress are pretty unique.

Unfortunately, it can be quite frustrating to try to put everything you've learned -- the way you do what you do -- into words.

So you can be

Know this: the struggle to communicate, distill, and synthesize your deal into a neat story or package doesn't make your essence any less special.

It's a very common problem, this difficulty creating a framework around your unique offering, but not being sure how to do it.

There are so many options available today that it's overwhelming.

Start here.

First, make *one other person* see you.

That person?


There's this moment that happens between myself and my clients that I want to try to explain to you.

We're talking, and it could be during our first call or our fifth, where a sense of alignment shifts into place.

A feeling of connection and wellbeing. Understanding.

I am in total flow with another individual in the universe and the vibe almost...shimmers.

Because what they're telling me is so fascinating or clearly true that I cannot wait to put it on the page. To lock it into place.

To power it up by setting it down.

What an amazing moment. It's like a buzzing in my brain; this sense that I am in exactly the right place doing *exactly* what I was born to do.

To hear without judgment. To understand how hard it's been. To reflect back that pain and that joy.

To bolster another incredible soul along the very long path we all have to walk.

I particularly love working with those who've chosen to serve as guides for the transitions of life: Coaches, artists, doulas, creators, healers.

Birth. Death. Change. Growth. Rebirth.

If any of this sounds right to you, let's have a conversation.

If you've been yearning to put your finger on what it is, exactly, that you offer that is 100% you... you can offer it more intentionally to more people, we should talk.

I see you.

Let's write about it.

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