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An Invitation to Think BIG

Here's a provocative lil question for you on this fair Thursday:

Is it possible you're not thinking big enough?

I *love* this question.

A corollary to this -- when you're feeling as if you are stuck between two things -- is to ask:

"What's a third option?"

Let's break it down. I tend to get stuck in my thinking sometimes. In the 2000s, for example, I was stuck vacillating between NYC and Wisconsin...flying back and forth, wanting to live in both places and just being generally a huge pain in the ass to myself (and everyone else) about it.

Now it is the 2020s and I am the same person stuck in the same habit of thought, only now I've switched to having Florida versus Wisconsin angst.

So silly!

The bigger picture, obviously, is I am someone who likes variety in her setting.

I love Wisconsin as it's my home and always will be. I love New York because it is a vibrant place full of ambitious creators with a deep history and so many layers. I love Florida because it is sunshine-filled and growing and many of my family members are here.

Obviously, I choose all three.

And probably five or six more places as well if I really put my mind to it.

I do not know what that looks like, exactly. Practically speaking.

But the other evening when I was stuck in either/or-ness, I heard my inner voice. She gave me a valuable reminder:

"You are thinking too small."

What an uplifting thought. I took from this idea that what I want is freedom, to travel and seek and find and explore. And that just because I happen to be in one place at one time like anyone else with a human body, my mind is *already* free to roam where it wants to, whether that is on the page or in my imagination.

Let's consider what a third -- or a "thinking bigger" -- option looks like when it comes to hiring a ghostwriter.

Perhaps you've talked to someone like myself and you are hesitating to move forward and actually sign a collaboration agreement. This hesitation could be present for many reasons, but perhaps you're nervous about how well someone like me can actually capture you're voice.

I gently suggest that there are more options than just the two (hire a ghostwriter for your book or don't hire a ghostwriter for your book). What if you tested the waters by collaborating on a shorter project together? What if you invested in some book coaching first to see if you have an outline that can go the distance?

See, more options! Let your viewpoint expand, go higher, encompass more possibilities. Then, make a decision.

I'll turn this question over to you now.

Is it possible you're not thinking big enough?

If so, how can we change that?

How can I help?

I'll leave you with a photo of a property I recently looked at simply because it inspires me. It's a LEED-certified home that combines a feel of warmth with a clean contemporary vibe and I love it.

When I think big, I think of spending time in spaces that look like this with awesome people who dream big, too.

What do you think about?

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