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Reverse Thinking

A penny saved is pointless.

Leap before you look.

Good things come to those who...act.

Put all your eggs in one basket.

Fortune favors the cautious.


Reversals of common idioms is a great way to test out your ideas and find out what you believe.

When it comes to writing your book, tell us about it. Tell your readers about the times you questioned conventional wisdom. The bonus is that doing this little reversal activity with me will make your book so much more interesting.

Book readers crave the unique or unusual. A fresh take. A new way of thinking. Say you’re a tech guy, and you have an interest in solving one of the biggest quandaries of our generation—affordable health care. Most believe affordable health care for everyone is both costly and hard, nearly impossible. Now, let’s turn things around. What if it wasn’t?

What if you found a way to use artificial intelligence to offer personalized medical consultations to anyone, anywhere in the world. And you could do it for pennies?

Wouldn't you read the crap out of that book? I know I would.

Be willing to get a little weird when you think about your book and your ideas. Take the problem or idea and spell it out. Next, reverse everything about it. Be willing to go out on a limb. Be willing to buck conventional wisdom.

Then, give me a shout when you're serious about putting your strange ideas on the page.

Hi, I'm Laura. I ghostwrite great books for great people. Learn more at

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