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  • By Laura Schaefer

What I've Learned as an Executive Ghostwriter

I’ve been an executive ghostwriter working with life coaches, leadership coaches, entrepreneurs and personal development experts for many years now, and I’ve learned so much in that time—not just about what makes a good book, but what makes the entire process of creating a book enjoyable.

Read on for my key reflections, and reach out to me if you have a book idea!

  • Don’t focus too much on length. Sure, we all have a few standard ideas about how long a book should be, but those ideas are in flux right now. One of my favorite business books is Seth Godin’s Poke the Box…and it’s only about 90 pages! Particularly in the era of ebooks, obsessing on whether you have at least 200 pages of material is completely unnecessary.

  • Persuasion happens through storytelling. If you’re sitting down to finally write that book, you have a ton of valuable wisdom and insights to share with the world. But those insights and information won’t connect with your readers in a meaningful way unless it comes in the form of real-world examples and stories. As a ghostwriter, I’m always asking my clients for examples of what they’re telling me. I want details.

  • Writing a book should be fun! Being a ghostwriter is a dream job for me, because I get the opportunity to spend time with interesting people. I want my clients to enjoy the process too, so I am easy to work with and enthusiastic. The entire process is driven by respect for one another’s time and my insatiable curiosity about what you have to share with the world. Let’s create something special together.

  • Books can change the world. There’s almost nothing I love more than a good book. You know that feeling you get when an idea aligns with what you know to be true in your soul—but haven’t been able to express yet in words? That’s the gift we give your readers when we write a book together. We’re setting out the truths of the universe, of your industry, of your experience, one page at a time. Writing a book isn’t a trivial thing. It’s deeply meaningful to me. It’s my purpose.

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