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When You Look for Your Ghostwriter, It's All about the Spark

Resonance. Do my talents, experiences, and even my humanity resonate with yours? By resonance, I mean more than a like or retweet or hitting the subscribe button. I mean more than a personal connection. I mean a kind of human humming when we talk. To truly resonate with another means that my presence elevates your aspirations and goals. And your presence elevates mine. Deep down, isn’t that what each of us wants? To resonate with another person, to feel that spark?

That spark is what we hope to achieve by putting ourselves out there, by creating posts and sharing selfies and offering up small slices of our lives and thoughts. For years, I've resisted marketing my services as a ghostwriter. Today, I look at things differently. Rather than marketing, I’m looking for someone I resonate with, a person who wants help writing a book, and who lifts me up while I do the same for you.

Today, I tell myself I'm putting myself out there hoping for a spark. And the book that results will be better for it.

How much spark Could a sparky writer spark If a sparky writer Could spark more?

Hi, I'm Laura.

I ghostwrite great books for great people.

To learn more about my process, visit

Or, send me a message about your book project:

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