Field Texture
Stories shape everything we do, everything we think, everything we love. If you are:
  • A founder or owner
  • An artist or creative
  • An executive or influencer
  • An entrepreneur or innovator 
  • A coach or consultant
  • A health expert or therapist

...who is ready to bring your book to life, I am here to help you.
Our stories are the most powerful force on Earth.

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Sarah Jane Abbott, Associate Editor, Paula Wiseman Books

She took our idea and ran with it, keeping to what we asked for while adding her own unique voice and special touch.

Emily Golden, MCC

Deciding to work with Laura was hands down the BEST decision I made for my business and myself this year. And I made a LOT of decisions.

Scott Brown, Financial Advisor

The words and thoughts are mine, but much better presented thanks to her guidance. Can’t recommend her enough.

"Laura knows how to take the knowledge in your head, the stories you have to share, and weave them in a masterful, thoughtful, and compelling way. Don't try to do it yourself, you'll just get frustrated and wind up writing something you will never use, or worse, publish something you should have never published."  


                      ~Ken "Spanky" Moskowitz, author of the bestselling book JAB TILL IT HURTS: HOW FOLLOWING GARY VAYNERCHUK'S ADVICE HELPED ME BUILD A 7-FIGURE BRAND


is out October 4, 2022!

“Funny, fact-filled, and philosophical. This is an inspiring story for any kid who has been forced to move—to a new school, a new state, or a new point on the space-time continuum.”

—Edward Bloor, author of Tangerine and Taken