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Professions That Intrigue Me

Hello, fair reader! Welcome to my blog. I'm glad you're here.

In the past, I've done a lot of ghostwriting for financial planners and advisors, real estate investors, life coaches, lawyers, and startup founders. Each one had a unique problem to solve for their readers and I love the books and ebooks we've created together over the years.

It got me to thinking:

Who are some additional professionals I can serve with my unique blend of writing skills, interviewing chops, lighthearted humor, content savvy, optimism, and organizational abilities?

As usual, I let my curiosity lead the way, and here is what came to mind:

  1. I'm interested in writing for someone who helps families navigate the loss of a loved one, as in a death doula, funeral home director, hospice nurse, or bereavement counselor. How can we make this difficult time easier for people? Death is part of life and I'd like to write about it.

  2. I'd enjoy meeting and working with, conversely, the professionals who help during the pregnancy, birthing and new parenthood process: doulas, midwives, OB-GYNs, night nurses, and lactation consultants. My own child was born nine years ago, and the transition to motherhood was extremely meaningful to me. I'd love to write about this topic more with the professionals who are experts in making it smoother for people.

  3. Coaches who have unique niches interest me. I've listened to podcasts with life and business coaches who exclusively serve farmers, for example. Another one only works with teachers. The niche-ier, the better in my opinion, because you know that content is going to be fascinating!

  4. I was pretty much the world's least athletic child and young adult, but now fitness is a lot more interesting to me. With that in mind, I'd enjoy writing a book or ebook with a trainer or gym owner. What do most people misunderstand about their own bodies?

  5. Therapists and healers are my jam. I don't mean to sound flippant: I really believe these folks are solving thorny problems every day and I'd love to write about their processes and tools. I always think of therapists and counselors when I'm brushing my daughter's long hair. Instead of just running the brush over the whole thing and hoping to achieve surface smoothness, I try to gently untangle sections bit by bit. I look for the knots themselves and get to the root of it. If that's how you do what you do as a therapist, let's write about it.

  6. Finally, I'd love to help people with unusual businesses reach a bigger audience. Are you a person who knows exactly how to value and sell antiques? Or, are you the local authority on how to stage and sell a home? Perhaps you've created a YouTube channel and you want to grow your content beyond video and into books. Let's talk.

If you know anyone with a great story, tell them about me. I'd love to work with folks charting a unique and helpful path in the world. Thanks!

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