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People Buy Books for a Reason. So, Give Them One!

What was the last book you paid *actual cash money* to read or listen to?

I bet you were nudged to purchase by one of these three factors:

1. The book had a lot of media or industry buzz...and you felt FOMO until you hit that buy button.

2. The book was written by someone in your network or at an event you attended. Corollary: someone you trust recommended the title.

3. The book promised to solve a problem that was causing you pain. The pain could've been something as mild as boredom or as big as a major career impasse.

It's important to explore this list as you consider your path toward becoming an author.


💡 Because people buy, read, and listen to new books FOR A REASON.

Therefore, as writers, we must carefully consider those reasons ahead of time. Otherwise, we risk writing a book no one will pick up.

And that's just a bummer.

💡 Let's dig into item number one. The fact is, you cannot totally control how much buzz your book generates...but there *are* things you can do to nudge things in the right direction.

👉🏻 You can hire a PR firm.

👉🏻 You can write an excellent book.

👉🏻 You can take a controversial stance that gets people chattering. 👉🏻 You can become a known leader in your industry with a built-in audience eager to learn how you accomplished what you did.

💡 To address number two, you can assess -- before you begin planning and writing -- the size and power of your existing network. As with number one, there are things you can do to grow your community:

👉🏻 Engage with others online.

👉🏻 Offer to speak in your region, be a helpful resource to others over and over.

👉🏻 Your network will grow as a direct result of the actions you take and the energy you put into it.

👉🏻 Create helpful content in smaller bites here or on another platform.

💡 Number three is my favorite, because it is the factor that we as authors have the MOST control over. What problem does your book solve for others?

👉🏻 Does the story offer pure entertainment? Awesome!

👉🏻 Or, does it present a vision about something in your realm of expertise that is truly new?

👉🏻 Does it help readers feel less alone?

👉🏻 Is there something about your personal journey that is universal? (Hint: there is.)

Again, what problem does your book solve? For whom?

I am genuinely curious:

What is the last title you paid to read or listen to, and WHY did you choose it?

Premium Florida ghostwriter smiles at the camera in an office space filled with bookshelves.
Premium ghostwriter Laura Schaefer. Based in Orlando, Florida and working nationally to get your story told.

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