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I Should Probably Stop Calling Myself a Ghostwriter

For many, many years now, I have answered the question "What do you do?" by replying:

"I am an author and ghostwriter."

It's right there at the top of my website! I hesitate to change it because future authors looking for my services are generally using Google and asking it for a "Florida ghostwriter." (Hi Google, love u!)

However, things are evolving over here and a more accurate description of what I do would be to collaborate on books with partner clients. I am, then, a "book collaborator."

My book process is iterative, transparent, and interactive.

It requires active client participation...but only a few hours of your time each week.

I arrived at this approach via years of trial and error. I hesitate to even call this #ghostwriting because it's really not.

It is a productive and enjoyable book creation partnership.

Here is how it works:

1. PLANNING: We develop a basic book outline/table of contents together. The chapter order can change as we work, but our intentional efforts here will serve as a loose guide.

2. GATHERING: Next, we talk through each chapter week by week (usually 10). Ahead of each meeting, I share a question set and/or meeting agenda.

3. WRITING: Right after each weekly meeting, I post chapter content based on our conversation to a shared Google doc. In a sense, this is the first draft. It's generally a bit rough but I've found it is empowering to have something on the page quickly to improve/deepen. You'll never wonder what's going on with your book as it's always right there on your screen ready to be made better.

4. REFINING: Together, we both refine the chapter content by adding detail and clarifying the stories/steps/takeaways for the reader. It's a looping process of both moving forward with the manuscript and circling back.

5. SOLIDIFYING: Once the entire manuscript is on the screen, we continue to revise for three or four more weeks by evaluating what is missing or where there's unnecessary repetition.


Reach out to me today to see if we'd be a match for creating your next book.

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