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Does It Matter Where Your Ghostwriter Lives?

One thing I've come to believe over the last five years is that my family's move from Madison, Wisconsin to Windermere, Florida in 2015 (a suburb of Orlando more or less directly north of Walt Disney World) helped my writing career.


Because after we moved, I met a lot of people here in Central Florida who wanted me to help them write their books.


Then, of course, the pandemic came along and moved every meeting online.

I was already comfortable with Zoom and with extra-long phone calls, so the transition was comfortable for me...and a huge time saver. Now instead of having to make sure the kiddo was sorted out before I left for an interview, I could just start the interview.

No more driving time; no more nice pants. Honestly, it's been pretty great. I'm more productive, and as a natural homebody I am more relaxed overall.

All of that being said, I still see the value of in-person connection. I recently traveled to the coast to meet with a valued client, and the day was quite enjoyable. (It didn't hurt that I stayed at a nice resort the night before we were scheduled to meet.)

Today, how and where to meet my author clients is a case-by-case decision. Most people are happy to meet with me virtually as it is a time saver for them, too.

The funny thing about it is I still notice that many of my ghostwriting clients live and work here in Florida. There is something about sharing this wild state in common that connects us in a meaningful way, even if we never meet in person.

So, to answer the question I've posed in the title, I think it does matter where your ghostwriter lives. But only if having this experience in common matters to you, the author client. For all practical purposes, you can easily collaborate with me or any other experienced ghostwriter via phone, email, or video chats.

In other words, it matters if it matters TO YOU.

To be honest, I don't even really feel like a Floridian even though I am here most of the time, breathing in that humid, humid air and navigating the bananas traffic like every other Central Florida resident.

Spiritually, I am all Midwestern.

To me, this means I am humble, hardworking, modest and calm. I probably have a lot more in common personality-wise with someone from Minneapolis than I do with someone from Miami! But who really knows? People are people in all of their complex glory no matter where they happen to live, and the main thing -- when you are looking for a book collaborator like myself -- is to notice whether or not you feel comfortable talking with that person.

Can you trust them? Can you imagine your meetings being fun and enjoyable while also being focused and productive?

That is what matters.

Not so much the city they call home right now.

I'll see you at the beach! (Or in the Zoom square, teehee.)

Florida palm trees against a pretty pink and blue sky
Florida ghostwriter Laura Schaefer reflects on where your book collaborator should live for the best result.

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