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  • By Laura Schaefer

The Power of the Triangle

Something cool happened to me this year. I discovered Brooke Castillo, a powerhouse coach and entrepreneur based in Dallas. Brooke is a wonderful teacher who does a weekly podcast, now consisting of more than 225 episodes. She discusses all the things that can hold us back in life—anxiety, limiting beliefs, drama, a victim mentality—and all the things that can power us forward in huge, amazing ways—planning, believing in impossible things, setting goals, gratitude and unconditional love.

I listen to Brooke nearly every day because I heard a few years ago that we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with each week. I know it’s a little weird that one of mine is a voice on a podcast I’ve never met in real life, but what can you do? She’s amazing—on track to earn $100 million and help thousands of people while doing it! Anyway, today Brooke and the woman she interviewed, Stacey Smith, talked about a very cool concept called the Triangle and why it’s so important for entrepreneurs and coaches. I want to share this idea with you.

A triangle has to form in order for any kind of sale to happen. Think of it as three points that must connect.

1. The first connection is between the coach or business owner and her product or service. That connection consists of the business owner’s unshakeable belief in the value of the thing she is offering the world.

2. The second connection is between the business owner and her client. It is a belief on the part of the client that the business owner is trustworthy, capable and talented.

3. Finally, the third connection is between the client and the service or product itself. A sale only happens when a client believes without question that the service will solve a problem for her—or create new opportunities.

You can see why all three connection points are absolutely crucial. This concept reveals why referrals are so valuable to coaches and other entrepreneurs. It’s why so many thought leaders and business owners like Brooke offer free content to their audience in the form of blog posts, books, and podcasts.

There will come a time when I hire Brooke, and I’ll feel 100% confident in doing so because I feel I already know her via the hundreds of hours of free content she offers. In fact, by providing all of that free material, Brooke has connected two parts of her Triangle. She’s made me feel that I know her, which makes me believe in her. She’s also given me the time to fully connect with, and believe in, her product. Beautiful.

As you work to grow your coaching or consulting business, think about this idea on a regular basis. I’m going to assume the first part of your triangle is rock solid—you wouldn’t even have a business if you didn’t believe in yourself and your offering. But it’s worth spending more time thinking about connections two and three. How can you begin to build new relationships with potential clients? How can you offer more value upfront so these clients start to believe in your service or product before they've even see a contract?

I humbly submit that one way to do it is by writing a book. Think about it, and give me a call. Have a great day!

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