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Your Small Business Needs a Free E-Book. Here's How to Get It Done the Fast and Easy Way:

If you offer your clients a specialized creative service, chances are very good they require some gentle education before you begin your work together. There may be preparation they need to do themselves, as in the case of selling a home, planning their retirement, or understanding your unique process.

For this reason, offering your valued customers a short ebook as a free download when they visit your website may be a good move on your part. Not only does a free ebook establish your expertise and clearly communicate your niche, it offers value ahead of time to the people you most want to serve in your community and beyond.

The good news is writing such a document can be nearly painless--and quite fast--if you choose to hire an experienced business and creative ghostwriter like myself to bring the project to fruition. Here's how it works:

1. We'll have a quick call to establish your goals for your ebook and discuss the key topics you want to cover.

2. I'll send an agreement for you to sign (and my invoice). Once you've e-signed and remitted payment, we'll get our first meeting scheduled. This can happen over Zoom or phone.

3. I'll email you a question set based on our initial consultation so you can prepare for our first meeting. You can send back written answers ahead of time, or simply think through what you want to be sure to tell me when we talk.

4. During our meeting, we'll talk about how you do what you do...and what you need clients to understand or take care of ahead of time in order to achieve the result they seek. For example, perhaps you are a mural artist and you need the property owner to power wash the wall where you'll be working. Or, you are a financial planner and you need prospective clients to gather tax returns and bank statements ahead of meeting with you.

5. I'll record this call, create a transcript, and write your ebook content using this material. If necessary, we will plan a second call to finish up any loose ends or add detail.

6. I'll post your 20 to 30-page ebook draft to Google Docs so we can both review and revise together. Based on your feedback, I'll make final changes and submit your ebook to you as a PDF.

7. You can either use this actual document as your free download, or hire a freelance designer to fancy it up a bit before you add it to your website.

8. Voila! This whole process takes under a month. My fee is $7,500.00.

If you are an artist, a designer, a financial advisor, a real estate agent, or a coach, I encourage you to reach out. I'd love to help you grow your business!

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