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Where Do Your Best Ideas Live?

All the drama over on Twitter got me to thinking: have we been entrusting most of our good ideas and our contact lists to a social media platform that could change dramatically in a very short amount of time?

Perhaps it would be better to store all of that knowledge -- our highest and best thinking, our unique story -- on our own websites, on a platform like BNDR, or better yet...

In a book or an ebook.

And, while we're asking questions...

Is it possible that the problem you THINK you solve is different than the problem you ACTUALLY solve?

In other words, might you have a problem problem?

It's okay.

We can fix it.

Spend some time reflecting on your best client work. The times your unique way of doing things made the angels sing. Jot some notes about what made these engagements go so well.

Get clear about who you serve and how you serve when you operate at the highest level.

In my case, I do excellent work when my clients address a specialized problem and are willing to communicate to a wider audience how -- exactly -- they get results.

The people who work with me on a book or ebook are ready to go bigger with their approach and online presence.

Still, they know their ideas or processes are not for everyone. But because their expertise is based on real world experience, their ideas are both tested and precise.

It's my job to transfer that specialized expertise from their brains and workweeks to the page...and do so with professionalism, speed, and skill.

I love my job.

And I bet you love yours, too.

So, let's tell the world:

1. What do you do?

2. Who do you do it for?

3. How do you get consistent results?

4. What do your ideal clients need to do before you begin?

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