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The Peace of Mind of Paying a Premium for Your Book Collaborator

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

My standard fee for a full-length six-month book ghostwriting agreement starts at $75,000. It's an investment on the part of my author clients, and to them it is worth every penny.

My elite clients enjoy receiving writing collaboration and support from a skilled professional who is calm, focused, and well-organized. Because I only work on one or two concierge-level projects at a time, I am able to devote the bulk of my brain power to these books.

It certainly does not hurt that I bring twenty years of writing experience to the table, but that's not really what makes my clients feel comfortable.

For one, they begin to see project progress nearly right away. By working in a shared Google doc, I provide complete transparency. There's no "holding back the manuscript" until the final invoice is paid. No.

This book we are writing together is YOURS, at every step of the way.

Everything I do is designed to provide you with peace of mind, from meeting each week on Zoom at the same time to writing up detailed meeting agendas with question sets when appropriate.

My process has evolved to help clients win.

That doesn't mean you don't have to participate in the work, of course.

Time and thought is required, particularly when we must review and revise material. But little matters more to me than doing all that I can to ensure our time together is enjoyable and productive.

There's nothing I'll write here in a blog post that will capture my essence as an effective collaborator. To get a feel for my style and personality, let's schedule a chat.

That said, my warm personality, measured discernment, and relaxed demeanor are all a big part of what helps me succeed as a co-writer for high caliber clients. These are men and women who own large firms, oversee substantial funds, run elite teams, and don't have time for a book partner who isn't bringing clear talent, focused thought, and deliberate practice to the table.

Thus, my fee is designed to provide peace of mind to those who require it.

Hire someone good.

Then relax, knowing your book is now in motion with someone who cares and is committed to doing a great job.

I am a Florida ghostwriter working with clients around the globe.

My next concierge ghostwriting slot becomes available in August, 2023.

Reach out today to secure your place.

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