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The Medium Is the Message for Associations Looking to Serve Members in 2022

"The medium is the message."

I'm sure you've heard this famous theory from communications scholar Marshall McLuhan many times.

It's repeated so much because for those of us in the communication arts, it informs the choices we make about how we share our message.

Let's say your organization chooses to invest its time and resources into producing a book in addition to a blog or a newsletter. What does the medium of a book convey to your audience?

A lot, I'd offer.

It says your organization doesn't just respond and react to trends or news, but that it has timeless wisdom to share. A book is a medium not just for a season but for a legacy.

A book has weight. Intention. Deep purpose. Lasting stories.

That said, choosing the best medium is only part of the job your organization or association faces when creating a book for its audience. If your association is planning to write and publish a book in 2022 or 2023, congratulations! Your members will greatly benefit from a high-quality and engaging resource.

To be sure you do it right, here are a few mistakes to avoid during the book planning and writing process:

Mistake #1:

Failing to home in on a strong central idea or goal for the book. To avoid this mistake, spend more time in the planning and brainstorming phase than your team may have initially anticipated.

Mistake #2:

Rushing the project. A book is exciting, and you may have talked to a writer or a publisher who said it will be possible to create, design, print and distribute a book in six months. That *may* be possible, but it's not advisable. Slow down and budget enough time for quality work, ideally a full year.

Mistake #3:

Choosing a ghostwriter or independent publishing partner without doing your due diligence first. Make sure you read writing samples from the ghost and ask for books from the potential publisher to assess quality.

All of these mistakes can be easily avoided so that your organization can be proud of its book.

I'm here as a friendly resource if your association, business, or non-profit has questions about writing or publishing!

Don't hesitate to reach out for a conversation.

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