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Look for These 3 Qualities in Your Life Lessons Book Ghostwriter

Three qualities to seek out in a ghostwriter for your life lessons book:

1. Mastery 2. Care 3. Surprise

First, in the excellent Hulu series The Bear, Sydney makes an omelet for another character. We see a master at work. She's a trained chef, after all, and an omelet isn’t difficult to make.

Second, Sydney’s making the dish for a co-worker, and she does so unprompted because the woman is hugely pregnant, exhausted, and likely famished. In this sense, Sydney uses her mastery to express that she cares.

Third, we watch her combine some standard ingredients—butter, eggs, and Boursin—with, wait for it, crumbled sour cream and onion potato chips as a garnish. Potato chips on an omelet. She got me. I was genuinely surprised.

After watching this three-minute scene, I was suddenly hungry for precisely that omelet. Yum.

A great writer expresses all three qualities in equal measure—mastery, care, and surprise. Sure, you can write a book without one or even two. But do you really want to? If you’re looking for a ghostwriter to lend a hand on your next book, seek out a writer with the innate talent for all three and odds are in your favor you'll craft an exceptional book.

Hi, I'm Laura.

I ghostwrite great books for great people.

Now, who is hungry for some chips? (Me)

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