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Is a Book the New Business Card?

"It seems like everyone has a book these days."

For those of us who are active on LinkedIn, yes, this can seem like the case. Books are the new business card in many cases. There are a lot of incredible titles being written and published by our colleagues every year. But I think it's worth it to question the assumption that "everyone" has a book.

Writing a book is still a very rare achievement.

And writing an *excellent* book is only possible once you have something valuable to teach your readers: a new way of seeing things that only you can convey.

This requires deep experience. Failure. Resets. Insights. Tested processes.

Everyone does *not* have a book.

But perhaps you should. If it is time, feel free to reach out with any questions you may have about working with a professional book collaborator to make the writing process easier and faster.

Photo of author and ghostwriter Laura Schaefer, who lives in Orlando, Florida and helps business owners all over North America
Professional book collaborator Laura Schaefer can make your business book shine.

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