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Creating Inspires

My daughter, a fourth-grader, sees the books I’ve co-written strewn atop the shelves. She asks about my clients and shares her thoughts when I talk about my collaborative ghostwriting process. To her, co-writing books is just another form of creating.

Like many kids her age, my daughter is unencumbered when it comes to creation. Her process is impromptu and self-made. Lately, she's been collecting the pop tops from aluminum soda cans and turning them into a thick, colorful winding chain.

This idea of what’s possible is influenced by those around us—parents, teachers, friends. Some co-write books, paint, think (as in think-tank participants or board members); some start new companies.

It doesn't matter what we create, only that we do it.

Creating feeds our soul, but it also inspires others. What are you creating? Who are you inspiring?

Hi, I'm Laura.

I ghostwrite great books for great people.

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