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Advice for Your Younger Self

I specialize in writing Life Lessons books for readers who are new to adulthood. The authors who hire me as their ghostwriter are often quite advanced in their successful careers or newly retired. These reflective folks now have the urge to give something back by sharing their wisdom with the next generation. They know it is not easy to navigate the world as a 22-year-old and launch a career or a new business. They know the right story at the right time might make all the difference.

Life Lessons books are special. Not only do they tell the stories of their remarkable authors, but they do it in a way that is maximally useful and entertaining for young readers. Using humor and a focus on practical knowledge, a Life Lessons book is a memorable gem. A gift. A legacy.

With this in mind, I wrote my own Life Lessons ebook for young writers. Here is the introduction:

When I was a freelance writer struggling to pay bills, I saw a social media post from an individual in my field who was regularly and consistently earning over $150,000 per year. He said something to this effect: it had come to his attention that a lot of writers struggled to earn a decent living and he’d be happy to share how he’d figured it out.




I eagerly sent him a message, willing to pay any fee he wanted to charge just to talk to him for twenty minutes. I needed those secrets. I’d been spinning my wheels for years by then.


He never replied. It was so frustrating. Many years passed.

Eventually, I figured it out—how to earn good money as a writer—mainly through trial and error.


So many errors.



I did not have good information when I started in this field.


I made a lot of mistakes. One of which, of course, was failing to pester that original social media poster a few more times. I am a polite Midwestern female and take it from me, a humble and unassuming personality can cause some problems when it comes to getting ahead professionally. Fortunately, my personality also comes with marketable gifts, which is true of most of our challenges. It’s all in how you tell the story. For now, it’s time to focus. You can do this. You can earn real money as a writer and I mean soon.


This book is my attempt to light the path for you with better information than I had when I began, so many years ago, poking at the beast called MAKING A LIVING AS A CREATIVE.


Writing is a special skill, a great way to earn a living, and I want to see you succeed.


Let’s get started!

[If you would like to read the full ebook as a free PDF, email me at]

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