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  • By Laura Schaefer

Five Things to Consider If You Want to Write a Great Business Book

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

1. How does a book fit into your larger goals for yourself, your family, and your organization? What will having a completed book mean for you? Tell me why 2020 is the year for your book.

2. A bestselling book changes the conversation about an important topic. Your book needs to be about something you care so much about you can barely stand not talking about it all the time. If you had the world's undivided attention for six hours, what would you say?

3. As you consider a book project, take some time to notice the words, phrases and ideas that you tend to use again and again in your own writing and speaking. These will form the potential book chapters or themes for the whole book.

4. Tell me about a time someone asked if you had a book. I want to picture, to the person, your ideal reader.

5. People get attention for their books when they challenge conventional wisdom. Here's an example from Radical Candor: "From the time we learn to speak, we’re told that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. When you become a manager, it’s your job to say it--and your obligation."

What are some ways you've challenged conventional wisdom in your life? How will your book challenge it?

I am working with a select number of clients in 2020. If you are a business coach, mentor, life coach, or leadership coach who is planning on writing a book, let's chat!

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