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  • By Laura Schaefer

The Difference Between a Boutique Ghostwriting Experience and an Express Ghostwriting Service

If you've ever sat down at your computer, opened up good ole Microsoft Word, and began working on your book, you know it's tough to keep your enthusiasm level high and finish what you've started. The first paragraph pours out of you. The fiftieth? Not so much. That's why busy professionals and business owners work with ghostwriters like myself.

A ghostwriter gets it done. In my case, I've written dozens of books, so the process doesn't scare me at all. I relish it. As I've mentioned in the past, I was the student who did her homework on Friday night. (True story.) If you're serious about getting your book done in 2019, I am the professional you need to make the dream a reality.

To help you take the important step of hiring a ghostwriter, I've crafted two distinct offerings for 2019.

The first is my Express Service. This is for those of you who want your book written and want it done YESTERDAY. If this sounds like something you've been looking for, I'm pleased to tell you that one of my ghostwriting superpowers is SPEED. I'm fast and I'm good. If you hire me, you won't spend days or weeks waiting around for deliverables. Here's what you can expect if you choose my Express Service:

  • Four 30-minute calls to capture your best ideas and insights

  • Up to 10 pieces of existing content reviewed for inclusion in your book

  • Book written and one revision provided

  • Professional author bio and book summary

  • A list of five potential titles for your book

  • Formatting for print and digital

  • The result is a complete 75-100-page book in under six weeks

Perhaps, however, you have a bigger project in mind. You've been wanting to write your book for years. You're ready to dig in and create a masterpiece. Your goal is to reach bestseller status, and you'd like a more traditional 150-200 page length. In that case, my Boutique Experience is your best bet:

  • Six 60-minute calls to capture your best ideas and insights

  • Unlimited review and adaptation of existing content for inclusion

  • Book written and two revisions provided

  • Formatting for print and digital

  • A list of 10 potential titles for your book

  • Professional author bio and book summary

  • Enjoy a complete 150-200-page book in 12-15 weeks

Ready to get started? Excellent timing. Both packages are on sale through February 15, 2019. Book me now and enjoy 10% off.

(I work at my kitchen table. But hey, someday I might be cool enough to work on your book from a mountain. You never know.)

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