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5 Things Happen When You Pay a Writer Well

1. The writer prioritizes your needs. You’ll get the writer’s best effort, deepest creative thinking, and most pleasing turns of phrase. Your writer will work on your material first, in the morning, when she’s fresh and enthusiastic. Your well-paid writer will go the extra mile when it comes to research, seeking out sources, following up and getting the job done well.

2. The writer meets and often beats your deadline. Need it done now? No problem. If you’re paying your writer well, she wants to make your life easier. She’ll even go beyond writing, if necessary. She’ll project manage, edit and strategize. She’ll impress you. She'll work on your material during non-business hours.

3. The writer will work for you for years. She’ll learn the tone you prefer and continue to wow you as your relationship lengthens. She’ll be a person you can rely on for new ideas, solid material, and interesting questions. She'll prioritize your company over other opportunities.

4. The writer feels good about doing work for you. You’ll get the writer’s best ideas and top contacts. If you have more paid work than she can handle, you’ll meet her smartest writer friends.

5. The writer will have time to promote your business. A well-paying client is a valued client, and a valued client is someone your writer will speak well of in the real world, and promote on social media. Well-paid writers create happy karma all over the world.

Pay your writers. Pay them well. Pay them often. If you have the means at your organization, find out if your valued writer needs health insurance and offer it.

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