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Why We Crave the Un-Polished

Ever meet friends for drinks and listen to someone tell the same story about her life she told the last time you met? The story is mildly interesting. It’s practiced. It’s polished.

The next time you meet, someone at the table abruptly breaks down and describes the worst day or week or month of her life. The story comes out in gushes. She’s distraught. She’s rambling. She is oh so very un-polished.

Which story grabs you?

The difference between a biography and a life lessons book—part memoir, part advice book—is that the former is polished. The latter is not. Readers crave a slice of the un-polished. We all do. That's why TikTok videos are un-put-downable. The platform feels immediate and chaotic and real. When I co-write a book with a client, I don’t want the same stories you’ve been telling yourself and others for years... or rather, I don’t want to hear just these stories. Readers want struggle. It’s how we learn. Readers want the impromptu and emotional and messy because the messier it gets the more real it feels. If you've ever thought of yourself as a disaster, you probably have a book in you.

Hi, I'm Laura. I ghostwrite great books for great people. If you'd like to learn more about how it works, visit

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