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A Specific Action Plan for Writing Your Book in 2024

I just did something illuminating:

I wrote down every single annual living expense.

Much higher than I expected. (But not terrifying...whew.)

Then I wrote down three major life goals.

The funny thing about this little exercise is that just by acknowledging reality in a Microsoft Word ledger (get away from me, Excel) and writing down *exactly* what my husband and I have said we wanted countless times over the last several years, I feel so much closer to achieving it.

Instead of a vague set of goals, I see a concrete action plan.

I see who we will need to talk to and the changes we'll need to make to get where we've already said we are going.

Instead of an amorphous sense of "hope it works out!" I feel we are in the driver's seat, big time.

I like the driver's seat. The view is nice. The accelerator is *right there.*

I am getting my house in order, both physically and mentally.

It's beautiful.

So...what does this have to do with writing books? A lot, actually. Much like that second home we all want to purchase and enjoy in beautiful Wisconsin (right?), many of us have a vague plan to write a book one day.

But what if "one day" is soon? As in, very soon?

What if you already have all the resources you need to get it done, and all it's really going to take is writing down a specific action plan?

What if it's as simple as scheduling a call with an experienced and empathetic ghostwriter like me to figure out a predictable process?

What if your bucket list item becomes an accomplishment you can be proud of? How would it feel if, when your kids or grandkids ask you what's new, you can casually say, "Oh, I'm halfway done with my book and my publisher is really excited about it!"

What if?


Not "what if."




Hi, I'm Laura.

I ghostwrite great books for great people.

Send me an email today to learn more about how I'll help you.

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