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  • By Laura Schaefer

6 Signs You Need a Ghostwriter

  • You keep thinking about things you’d like to tell others in your industry, but you never quite have the time to write that blog post, that article, or that speech. You’re even starting to forget what you’ve been wanting to say.

  • You’ve grown so much in your career and you’re a game-changer in your field. You know it’s time to share some insights about your mindset, your approach, and your tactics. You worry that the valuable information in your head will be lost if you don’t finally make a push to get your book written.

  • You have so much to say, but just can’t figure out how to organize it or where to start. Because the idea of actually working on your book is too overwhelming, you just keep putting it off.

  • You find talking easy, but writing difficult. You feel your time is best spent working with and guiding your team or networking with new contacts, not holed up in your office trying to write. Your time is simply too valuable.

  • You like the idea of sitting down for 5-10 pleasant interviews with an empathetic listener and experienced interviewer—and getting a whole book out of it. Instead of working on the project for 100 hours or more, you’d only have to put in 10-20 hours. Total.

  • There are people on your team who could work on this project for you, but they’re too busy. You don’t want to add one more thing to all the full plates in your office. Also, you worry that someone who knows you too well won’t have the correct unbiased perspective.

Ready to work with a great ghostwriter? Get in touch today via email:, or connect with me on LinkedIn. I look forward to hearing about your goals!

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