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  • By Laura Schaefer

Celebrate the Good Things: Adagio Tea

We've all had those days that don't go as planned. You leave the house ten minutes late and promptly back your vehicle directly into your overturned garbage can. *Massive sigh*

Fortunately, those days aren't the norm, right? And once in a while, something unexpectedly pleasant happens. I believe in nodding toward those unexpectedly pleasant things...taking a moment to say: this is good. Yes. Take Kurt Vonnegut's advice and notice when you are happy.

I had one of those unexpectedly pleasant moments recently when I received a gift of two loose tea sampler packages from Adagio Tea, and I've been enjoying the gifts ever since. Both the Pu-erh and the Chai sampler packs are delightful. My favorite so far is the Chocolate Chai, because it smells amazing and tastes like a decadent treat. This is a good tea for the coffee fiends among us, because it offers the same richness we crave, along with a gentler caffeine feeling.

I also really love the Pu-erh Tahiti tea, which reminded me of Hawaii. It is easy to drink it, close your eyes, and imagine you're near the ocean at a fancy spa. If you haven't given Pu-erh a try, I recommend it. In addition to being delicious, it has many health benefits including cholesterol lowering effects.

Having a variety of tea in the house, particularly high quality loose leaf teas, is a great way to improve both your life and your health. A cup of tea before bed is calming, and a shared pot is a nice way to encourage guests to relax and feel welcomed. As I get older, I'm less and less interested in drinking alcohol, but it's still nice to enjoy a beverage as I wind down. Tea is the answer, and these teas in particular are terrific.

Here's where you can get them yourself! Chai Tea Sampler and Pu-erh Sampler. Enjoy!

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