Q: What's your process for ghostwriting a book from start to finish?


A: My first job is to get to know you and your goals for the project. I want to picture your ideal reader. I want to understand how a book fits into your business or legacy. I want to learn what you'd like in terms of length and style. Next, we talk over your Table of Contents. What topics or episodes from your life do you want to cover? Why? From there, we schedule once per week phone meetings (or once every two weeks, depending on your schedule). During these meetings, you speak your book into existence. We'll know when we've got it. This process generally takes 6-10 weeks and requires 1-2 hours per week of your time.


From there, I write, we revise together, you ask trusted beta readers what they think, and we polish your story. Start to finish? My process takes about three to five months. Early on in our time together, I will send you either a completed introduction or the first chapter so you can check that I've captured your voice and the tone you wish to achieve.



Q: What happens when the book is done?


A: You will receive a clean version of your manuscript in both MS Word and as a PDF. Many of my clients choose to self-publish for the speed and control this option offers. Some offer their books free to clients or event attendees. Some choose to approach traditional or hybrid publishers such as Jenkins, Amplify, Greenleaf, or Warren. It's exciting! I will help you create a media kit to ensure you are fully prepared to pitch your book to news outlets, magazines, and other media outlets. For examples of what I mean, please send me a message.


I invite you to think about your book project as more than just a book. It's a powerful business development tool. What does my close neighbor Disney, for example, do very well with its intellectual property? An easier question would be what doesn't it do? A single captivating story can be turned into an animated feature, a live-action feature, a theme park ride, a television show, a line of toys, a bestselling get the idea.


In thinking about your book, consider how creating it with me could lead you to unleash:


  • A new workshop for your clients

  • A series of blog posts

  • A fresh keynote speech

  • A new podcast

  • An app

  • A YouTube channel

  • Better social media content

  • New relationships with local media personalities or journalists

  • A platform for a campaign or a new aspect of your coaching business



Q: How much does it cost to hire a ghostwriter?


A: My fee is $36,000 to $150,000 for book-length projects and $180/page for short ebooks. I provide a quote for my services based on length, complexity, travel considerations, and timeframe. Payments are broken into two equal parts: on Agreement signing and upon delivery of the first half of the first draft of your book.



Q: My book is half-done. Can you help?


A: I can. Contact me.



Q: I need my book finished in a very short timeframe. How do you feel about that?


A. I feel good about it. Contact me and we will make a plan.



Q: Who else will I need to hire if I self-publish?


A: After purchasing a book cover from a designer and sending your manuscript to a copyeditor for final proofing, it may be possible to publish without hiring anyone else. You may need a book designer or a hybrid publisher if you want an advanced interior layout or illustrations. I also advise getting some help with your marketing and book launch if you're looking to crack a bestseller list.



Q: Why should I hire you?


A: I'm good. In practical terms, that means I know how to turn a tangle of thoughts and stories into a clearly-flowing masterpiece. I take your experiences and processes and shape them into chapters with an arc that makes sense. I write introductions that invite the readers into your world and create conclusions that remind them why your insights matter so much. I can interview additional experts if you like, and I quickly build rapport with them while getting to the heart of their knowledge.


I'm fun. I'm kind and easy to talk to, but I also know how to dig in and get the job done well. I'm genuine and I want to create a great book with you. I've written 14 books now, so I am an excellent guide.


I want to see the world through your eyes and understand it just a little bit more fully because of our time together. I asked one of my clients how I should answer this question, and he said, "You sell peace of mind, social influence, the freedom to share one's story, the cachet of being an author, marketplace credibility... The change that'll happen in a person's life post-book."


With this in mind, here's my question for you: how will your book transform you? How will it serve the world? What would it mean to you if the process of getting it out of your head and onto the page could be fun, easy, and collaborative?



Q: What topics or genres do you specialize in?


A: I like to write about what you've learned in your life. I enjoy exploring personal development, mindset, coaching, entrepreneurship, and paradigm shifts in business, society, or leadership. I'm fluent in the language of thought work, personal finance, and small businesses. I like to work on nonfiction projects with successful, thoughtful individuals that teach me something! I want to know what you've learned through trial and error. I'm looking for the truth, the real story, the grit, the transformation. Tell me what you've learned. Are you the new Bob Iger? Howard Schultz? Jen Sincero? Brooke Castillo? Seth Godin? Mark Manson? Let's talk.