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Laura Schaefer isa ghostwriter in Orlando, Florida who works with life coaches, keynote speakers, and leadership consultants.

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"Deciding to work with Laura was hands down the BEST decision I made for my business and myself this year. And I made a LOT of decisions. Laura is incredible and a true model of what it looks like to work in one's zone of genius. I remain impressed with Laura's uncanny ability to succinctly and powerfully capture the essence of the thoughts and information that swirl around in my head.


"Working with Laura not only produced results that far exceeded my expectations, it also produced a special friendship. I will be working with Laura again in the future, no doubt."


~ Emily Golden, PCC, High-Performance Leadership Coach & Emotional Intelligence Consultant




"Laura is incredible to work with. She listens, maintains the author's voice and communicates both well and efficiently to bring the project to life on schedule. Thank you, Laura!"


~Pamela Wirth, Advisor & Management Consultant, Author & Entrepreneur



"Worked with Laura on my very first book and she made it seamless. I would have procrastinated and made numerous unnecessary mistakes along the way, likely never finishing on my own. The words and thoughts are mine, but much better presented thanks to her guidance. Can’t recommend her enough."


~Scott Brown, Financial Advisor, Business Owner, Author

"Laura has this amazing ability to convert your intangible vision into something ridiculously tangible. She’s versatile, works silly fast, and has a mid-western work ethic I admire. If you’re considering partnering with a ghostwriter, I highly recommend you connect with Laura and experience her magic for yourself."


~Michael S. Seaver, Keynote Speaker, Leadership Consultant, Executive Coach

Laura is a member of the Association of Ghostwriters.

Contact ljsch22@gmail.com today or call/text 608.886.3703 for a free project consultation.

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